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ESM Solutions is a total risk management solutions provider assisting employers in the public and private sector with reducing the cost and impact of workplace injury. Our workplace tailor-made solutions instill commitment of management, develop and track measurable goals, and ensure best practice procedures.

Recent Client Results


Communication and Teamwork Results in $374,409 Reserve Reduction

Joint coverage claim error results in  59 Point X-Mod reduction

39 Point X-Mod reduction saves employer $36K+ in Work Comp Premiums

Incorrect Joint Coverage Reporting Results in a 42 Point X-Mod Reduction

Products & Services applicable to all employers.

Safety management / OSHA Compliance

Effective safety programs are the result of leadership and the application of proven management principles across the organization. But, it is more than just safety - it is operational efficiencies. Risk must be identified & evaluated, appropriate controls must be chosen & implemented, and the entire process must be monitored & continuously improved. 

workers' compensation claims management

ESM Claims Analysts provides clients with expert advice focused on helping them make the most ethical, financial and legal decision when managing their Workers’ Compensation claims. Click above to find out how ESM can help reduce costly Workers' Compensation claims.

Return to work (RTW)

Having an effective RTW program helps reduce Workers’ Compensation costs, control Experienced Modification (X-Mod), facilitate the injured worker’s recovery, and increase the potential for a positive resolution of the claim. Click above to find out how a RTW program saved $50K on one claim.

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Products & Services for Business Partners

Insurance Agency Services

ESM Solutions, Inc.  provides value added services to Agencies and their clients with the goal of retaining existing accounts and creating a competitive advantage to obtain new opportunities. Our vision is to support Agency needs by providing their insureds with education and resources focused on reducing the risk and cost associated with Workers’ Compensation. Whether your needs encompass Claims Management, Cal-OSHA Regulatory Compliance or Return To Work programs, ESM's core services model align with Agency needs and their insured's pain points.  

Downloadable Risk Management Programs

ESM has developed a suite of downloadble products that provide employers with the tools needed to accelerate compliance and create standardization, which provide for sustainability and scalability. These proven programs have been developed in working with over 1,000 employers over the course of a decade. Click to find out how our downloadable Risk Management and Return To Work programs help employers develop a strategic risk management program that mitigates Workers' Compensation risk & cost. 


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide employers with education and resources focused on preventing and managing workplace illness and injury ultimately reducing the risk and cost associated with Workers' Compensation.


We are committed to delivering risk management services that provide value to all stakeholders.

— Anthony Poston, CEO

Part of Your Team

Part of Your Team

ESM Supplements and compliments an employer's risk management needs. providing them with time to manage other important aspects of their business.